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Accommodations and rooms


Can I use a credit card?

a Yes, you can use a credit card.
Cards accepted include Diners Club, JCB Group, DC, Visa and MasterCard, UFJ Card, UC Group Nicos, Orico, Cedyna (CF), Rakuten KC, Saison, Takashimaya Credit UCS, Aeon, Cedyna (OMC), and TS3 Card. Please contact us to ask about other cards.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

a Check-in is at 14:00. Check-out is at 12:00.

I’d like to sent my luggage by delivery service before the day of my stay. Would you be able to store it for me?

a Yes, we can store your luggage. Be sure to write down the name used for the reservation and the date of your stay, and address it to the Suimeikan Reception Desk.
Our address is 1268 Koden, Gero-shi, Gifu, Japan 509-2206. Our telephone number is 0576-25-2800.

Where can I arrange to have gifts and luggage sent to my home?

a We can take care of that at the store on the 1st floor of Hisenkaku between the hours of 7:00 and 22:00.

How big are your yukata sizes?

a Our children’s yukata is 50-145 cm.
Our women’s yukata is 150-175 cm.
Our men’s yukata is 155-190 cm.
*Please be aware that all are available in limited quantities.

Is it possible to use the Internet?

a The Japanese-Western rooms on the 7th floor of Hisenkaku and the semi-double rooms on the 3rd floor of Hisenkaku are equipped for wired LAN use.
Wi-fi is available in the lobby and in the conference rooms on the 2nd floor of Rinsenkaku.

Do you have non-smoking rooms?

a All fourteen Japanese-Western rooms on the 7th floor of Hisenkaku are non-smoking rooms.
* We can also deodorize other rooms for customers who request non-smoking rooms.

Do you have wheelchairs that can be borrowed?

a Yes, we do. Please contact us a bit in advance, as quantities are limited.

Can you pick me up from Gero Station?

a We have a free shuttle bus that picks up guests from Gero Station on the JR Takayama Main Line.
Its schedule coincides with the arrival times of limited express trains. If you are coming by a local train, contact us ahead of time so we can pick you up.
For your return, we can take you to Gero Station at any time, so just ask the staff at the reception desk. The trip takes about one minute.

Is the hotel close to Gero Station?

a It is three minutes on foot from Gero Station on the JR Takayama Main Line.

Does the hotel have a parking lot?

a There is a free parking lot on the premises.
* The parking lot holds about 200 cars.

Is it okay to go around the hotel in a yukata and slippers?

a You may wear a yukata and slippers in the hotel.
You may even wear a yukata in Baden Baden, our European restaurant.

The onsen


How many bathhouses are there in the hotel?

a There are three bathhouses.
There are the open air baths with indoor baths on the 1st floor of Sansuikaku, the panoramic view bathhouse on the 9th floor of Hisenkaku, and Shimodame (a bathhouse made using Japanese cypress, and which includes a sauna) on the 3rd floor of Rinsenkaku.

What hours are the bathhouses open?

a The panoramic view bathhouse on the 9th floor of Hisenkaku is open 24 hours.
The open air baths with indoor baths on the 1st floor of Sansuikaku and Shimodame on the 3rd floor of Rinsenkaku are open from 5:00 until midnight.

Do you have private baths that can be rented?

a There are three indoor private baths for rental in the hotel, each with its own atmosphere. (A fee is required.)

Is it possible to visit the baths without staying overnight?

a You may visit between 10:00 and 18:00, at a cost of \1,100 per person. Visitors may use the open air baths with indoor baths and the panoramic view bathhouse.
* Be aware that the bathhouses may change for reasons such as cleaning.

Are the baths in guest rooms onsen baths?

a Our hotel has four buildings: Sansuikaku, Hisenkaku, Rinsenkaku, and Seiranso.
All baths in guest rooms aside from the standard rooms in Hisenkaku are onsen baths.
You may enjoy the onsen to your heart’s content in your room.

Food and restaurants


What time is dinner served at?

a Room service: 18:00-19:30, closes at 21:30
Open kitchen dining: 18:00-19:30, closes at 21:30
Restaurant Kita No Ryo: 17:00-22:30, closes at 23:00
European restaurant Baden Baden: 17:00-20:00, closes at 21:00
Dinner is served at the times above.

What time is breakfast served at?

a Admittance for the buffet is from 7:00 to 9:30, and it closes at 10:00.
Room service breakfast is served from 7:00 to 9:00.

Do you accommodate allergies?

a If you have a food allergy, we will prepare meals that accommodate your wishes.
Please let us know when making your reservation. Be aware, however, that there may be days when we cannot make such accommodations.

Do you accommodate food dislikes?

a If you let us know when making your reservation, we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.
Be aware in advance, however, that there may be days when we cannot make such accommodations.

May guests bring their own beverages?

a No, we ask that guests refrain from bringing their own beverages.

Is it okay to wear a yukata at the European restaurant Baden Baden?

a Yes, you may wear a yukata and slippers there.

Facilities and equipment


Can the indoor onsen pool be used all year round?

a Since the indoor onsen pool opens and closes electrically, it can be used all year round.
The outdoor garden pool can be used from mid-July to early September.

Do you have a store?

a There is a store on the 1st floor of Hisenkaku. Its hours are from 7:00 to 22:00.

Do you have anywhere for late-night meals?

a Yes,there is a Chinese dining room, Ryuyuri, in the hotel.
Its hours are from 21:30 until midnight. It offers a variety of dishes, including ramen noodles, gyoza (pot stickers), and shumai (pork dumplings).

Do you have any multifunctional (handicapped) restrooms?

a There is a wheelchair-accessible washroom on the 1st floor of Hisenkaku (beside the foyer). It includes a diaper-changing table.

Do you offer massages?

a We have a 45-minute course for \4,500, and a 60-minute course for \6,000.
reservation is required.

Other questions


Are there any convenience stores nearby?

a There is a Daily Yamazaki three minutes away on foot.

Is there a hospital nearby?

a The Gifu Prefectural Gero onsen Hospital is three minutes away on foot.

During what hours may hotel reservations be made over the phone?

a We take reservations from 8:00 until 22:00.
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