The elegant warmth of Gero and top-class hospitality.

Gero Onsen - Suimeikan

This venerable Japanese-style inn consists of four buildings situated along the bank of the Hida River on premises spanning a bit over 33,000 square meters. Our different buildings are furnished with three onsen spas ? an open-air bathhouse, a bathhouse with a panoramic view, and the Shimodome bathhouse ? and each of our four buildings offers a different atmosphere where guests can spend a luxurious time while enjoying Gero Onsen, one of Japan’s Three Famous Onsen, to their heart’s content. We also offer a variety of dining halls and restaurants where guests can dine on meals made using seasonal local ingredients.



Gero Onsen, one of Japan’s Three Famous Onsen, is also known by the name Bijin-no-yu, or “baths of beauty.” Guests may enjoy our rocky open-air bath with its wonderful feeling of openness, our panoramic view bathhouse that overlooks the town and mountains, and our Shimodame bathhouse with its wafting aroma of wood.


Guests may choose the type of room that fits their preferences, from Japanese-style washitsu rooms rich with the traditional beauty and elegance of Japan to rooms that combine the best of both Japan and the West.

Restaurants & Bar

Our food is prepared using carefully selected seasonal ingredients and fresh vegetables grown at local farms we are associated with. Each dish is prepared by hand with individual attention and care by our chefs for guests to enjoy. We also provide a variety of restaurants and bars that include French cuisine and Japanese banquet-style dining to accommodate the preferences of our guests and every occasion.


At Suimeikan, we have designed our facilities in pursuit of the beauty of Japanese architecture and decorated them with various works of art. Our facilities also provide a variety of amenities, including a beauty salon and a pool.

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