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Our food is prepared using carefully selected seasonal ingredients and fresh vegetables grown at local farms we are associated with. Each dish is prepared by hand with individual attention and care by our chefs for guests to enjoy.

Room Service / Banquet Hall

First-class restaurant meals, each dish prepared by hand using seasonings carefully selected by the head chef. Paying great care to the flavors of ingredients and using carefully selected, high-quality katsuobushi, we put time and effort into our dashi seasoning and use absolutely no additives.

Example couse
Seasonal dish, seasonal okowa (glutinous rice dish), seasonal dish cooked in small pot, sashimi, grilled saltwater fish or freshwater fish, Japanese beef hobamiso (magnolia leaves grilled with miso), rice, soup, pickled vegetables, fruit
Examples of additional dishes menu • Hida beef steak:4,500 yen~
• Hida beef hobamiso:3,500 yen~
• Hida beef ajishabu:3,500 yen~
• Tender simmered Hida beef:2,000 yen~
• Sashimi platter:2,000 yen~
• Vegetable tempura:1,500 yen~
• Tempura platter:2,000 yen~

Open Kitchen Dining

Savor piping hot Japanese and Western style cuisine freshly cooked in our open kitchen style dining room.

Example course
Appetizer, simmered dish, sashimi, sushi or noodles, grilled dish, steamed dish, main dish, rice, soup, pickles, dessert
Examples of additional menu

・ Hida beef hobamiso 3,500 yen
・ Hida beef sukiyaki 3,500 yen
・ Hida beef shabu-shabu 3,500 yen
・ Gently simmered Hida beef 1,500 yen
・ Savory egg custard 800 yen
・ Vegetable tempura 1,500 yen
・ Sashimi platter

・ Hida beef hamburger steak 1,600 yen
・ Deep fried prawns 1,600 yen
・ Cream of corn soup 450 yen
・ Hida beef pilaf 1,500 yen

Restaurant Kita No Ryo

We offer many excellent sakes, including locally brewed sake, and seasonal ingredients that have benefited from the natural environment. Get together with family, friends, or as a couple to drink some sake together and enjoy seasonal flavors. A variety of seating types is available, including individual tatami rooms, hearth seating, and counter seating.

Location Sansuikaku, 1st basement floor
Hours 11:30–14:00 (last orders 14:00), 17:00–23:00 (last orders 22:30)
Example course
Plum liqueur, seasonal snacks, seasonal hors d’oeuvres, seasonal soup, sashimi, seasonal stewed dish, Hida beef steak, grilled saltwater fish or freshwater fish, seasonal tempura, rice, soup, pickled vegetables, fruite
Sample menu

・ Hida beef bowl * many variations from 1,450 yen
・ Seared Hida beef lunch box 2,000 yen
・ Hida beef sushi set (with soba or udon noodles, fruit) 1,750 yen
・ Seasonal sushi bowl set (with soba or udon noodles, fruit) 1,450 yen
・ Sashimi meal 2,200 yen
・ Hida beef steak & miso magnolia leaf grill meal 4,800 yen
・ Hida soba noodles (hot or cold) 900 yen
・ Inaniwa udon noodles (hot or cold)900 yen
- G Lunch
・ Hida beef grilled with sweet soy sauce on rice, served on a tray 2,300 yen
- Beverages
・ Gero's local beer, Gensen Shikomi Gero Bakushu 900 yen
・ Draft beer Asahi Super Dry "Dry Premium" 800 yen
・ Japanese sake from 700 yen
・ Soft drinks from 550 yen


- From 17:00 to 20:00
・ Specialty Hida beef teppanyaki, served on a tray 5,900 yen
・ Special Hida nattoku-ton pork & miso magnolia leaf grill, served on a tray5,000 yen
- From 20:00 to 22:30
・ Sashimi from 1,450 yen
・ Hida beef a la carte from 2,800 yen
・ Okumino kojidori chicken teriyaki 1,100 yen
・ Stewed Hida nattoku-ton pork 1,400 yen
・ Pickle steak 800 yen
・ Salted sweetfish gut 1,100 yen
・ Free-range egg rolled omelet 1,100 yen
- Beverages
・ Hida shochu from 700 yen
・ Hida local sake from 700 yen
・ Sake tasting set (5 different Japanese sakes with a side dish) 1,700 yen
・ Draft beer, Asahi Super Dry "Dry Premium" 800 yen
・ Soft drinks from 550 yen

European Restaurant Baden Baden

In addition to overnight and day-trip plans, we offer limited-time special plans and a variety of fairs. Come visit our relaxing brickwork space and enjoy our famous Hida beef or a French course meal full of ingredients from Hida.

Location Sansuikaku, 1st floor

Opening hours: 7:00 to 10:00 / 11:00 to 21:00

[Breakfast 7:00 to 9:00 (L.O.) Lunch 11:00 to 14:00 (L.O.) Dinner 17:00 to 20:00 (L.O.)]

Example course
Hors d’oeuvres made with Hida ingredients, soup du jour, fresh fish sauteed, grilled Hida beef, select dessert platter, bread, coffee or tea
Sample menu

[Original breakfast - Terroir] - 4,000 yen

• Gero tomatoes, Hida apples, Hida peaches, Gero blueberries, Chinese quince flavor Gero soy milk
• Hida nattoku-ton pork ham & Takayama mozzarella cheese, homemade smoked salmon& avocado with Takayama ricotta cheese
• Hida nattoku-ton pork bacon and soft-boiled eggs Benedict, Hida nattoku-ton pork sausage, Hash brown, Mesclun salad
• French toast using local eggs with Gero honey and apple butter
• Seasonal fruit compote & yogurt, Gero blueberry jam
• Coffee, tea, or fruit tea


・ Saison Baden course-style lunch 1,800 yen
・ Chef's Baden course-style lunch 2,600 yen
・ Special grilled Hida beef course-style meal from 5,800 yen
・ Red king crab & homemade all'arrabbiata tomato sauce 1,800 yen
・ Hida beef & soft-boiled egg bolognese 1,600 yen
・ Hida beef & Hida mushroom curry (only during lunch time) 1,500 yen
・ Hida beef hamburger steak with vegetables 1,600 yen
・ Grilled Hida nattoku-ton pork with homemade ponzu vinegar & radish sauce 1,600 yen
- G Lunch
・ Suimeikan premium burger set (20 available, only during lunch time) 1,500 yen
- Beverages
・ Glass of the sommelier's selected wine from 800 yen
・ Staff's original non-alcoholic cocktail 700 yen
・ Local beer, Gensen Shikomi Gero Bakushu 900 yen
・ Hida apple juice 550 yen
・ Gero tomato juice 550 yen

・ Seasonal course-style dinner from 3,600 yen
・ Homemade beef stew course-style meal 4,200 yen
・ Special grilled Hida beef course-style meal from 5,800 yen
・ Hida beef hamburger steak course-style meal 2,800 yen
・ Grilled Hida nattoku-ton pork course-style meal 2,800 yen
・ Hors d'oeuvres of the day 1,200 yen
・ Assortment of three cheeses 1,200 yen
・ Selection of Italian ham 600 yen
- Beverages
・ Glass of the sommelier's selected wine from 800 yen
・ Draft beer, Asahi Super Dry "Extra Cold" 750 yen
・ Local beer, Gensen Shikomi Gero Bakushu 900 yen
・ Hida apple juice 550 yen
・ Gero tomato juice 550 yen

Noodle Restaurant Yamazato

Ryuyuri, our Chinese dining room serving Cantonese cuisine with a nouvelle chinois touch, opened on August 1st! Relish refined dishes that bring out the best of Hida's flavorsome ingredients. Multi-course meals including shark fin soup, Peking duck, and abalone stir fried in oyster sauce; a casual, light course-style meal; set meals; and a la carte menus are available. Enjoy your meal with wine or Chinese wine selected by the sommelier.

Location Sansuikaku, 1st floor
Hours Opening hours: 11:00 to 14:00 / 17:00 to 24:00
【Lunch (only on Saturday, Sunday, and public holiday 11:00 to 14:00 (L.O.) 】
【Course-style / set meals 17:00 to 21:00 (L.O. 20:00)】
【Noodles / a la carte 21:30 to 24:00 (L.O. 23:30)】
Sample menu

・ Chinese noodles & fried rice set lunch 1,600 yen
・ Hida course-style lunch 1,800 yen
・ Dim sum & congee course-style lunch 2,000 yen
・ Chinese Hida beef steak course-style lunch 3,500 yen
・ Chef's special shark fin soup course-style lunch 4,800 yen

・ Set dinner 3,000 yen
・ Course-style dinner from 5,000 yen

・ Hida nattoku-ton pork dandan noodles 1,200 yen
・ Hida beef noodles with thick sauce 2,300 yen
・ Salty Chinese noodles 1,000 yen
・ Shrimp chili sauce made with local tomatoes 1,500 yen
・ Hida beef in XO sauce 3,500 yen
・ Hida nattoku-ton pork dumplings (5 pieces) 800 yen
・ Soup dumplings (3 pieces) 600 yen

・ Glass of wine from 900 yen
・ Draft beer from 750 yen
・ Chinese wine (glass) from 1,300 yen

Bar Marone

Reminiscent of a Hida folk house, this bar features skillful design throughout, just like a wood built cabin. Enjoy a few moments with the bartender at the chestnut bar, which exudes the warm feel of wood.

Location Hisenkaku, 1st floor
Hours 20:00–24:00 (last orders 23:30)
Sample menu

[Short cocktails]
・ Martini 1,000 yen
・ Margarita 1,000 yen
・ Gimlet 1,000 yen
Others from 1,000 yen

[Long cocktails]
・ Gin and tonic 900 yen
・ Moscow mule900 yen
・ Salty dog 900 yen
Others from 900 yen

[Bourbon whiskey]
・ Four Roses Black 1000 yen
・ Wild Turkey 13 Year Old 1,500 yen
・ I.W. Harper 12 Year Old 1,100 yen
Others from 900 yen

[Scotch whiskey]
・ Chivas Regal 1,000 yen
・ Old Parr 12 Year Old 1,400 yen
・ Ballantine's 17 Year Old 1,800 yen
Others from 1,000 yen

[Japanese whiskey]
・ Fuji Sanroku 18 Year Old 2,800 yen
・ Taketsuru Pure Malt 900 yen
・Chita 900 yen
Others from 900 yen

・ Suntory X.O 1,200 yen
・ Hennessy X.O 2,800 yen
Others from 1,200 yen

[Soft drinks, Non-alcoholic cocktails]
・ Orange juice 600 yen
・ Cinderella 900 yen
・ Shirley Temple 900 yen
Others from 600 yen

・ Prosciutto 1,200 yen
・ Cheese crackers1,200 yen
・ Patissier's special chocolate 600 yen
・ Beef jerky 1,000 yen
Others from 500 yen

Lobby Lounge Evian

Located in the lobby, this tea lounge is extravagant with its natural Hida wood and pillars hewn in single pieces from zelkova wood. The picture windows looking out at the Japanese garden show the trees changing with the seasons like a panoramic movie. The menu offers a variety of selections, including local desserts from Gero and matcha tea sets.

Location Hisenkaku, 1st floor
Hours 7:00–23:00 (last orders 22:30)
Sample menu

・ House blend coffee (organic) 600 yen
・ Tea 600 yen
・ Suimeikan special mix juice 700 yen
・ Japanese green tea with a confection 900 yen
・ Iced coffee (organic) 600 yen
・ Gero tomato juice 550 yen
・ Hida apple juice 550 yen

・ Beef curry set (with coffee or tea) 1,400 yen


・ Suimeikan's original: Seasonal cake and a choice of a drink

(coffee, tea, orange juice, iced herb tea) 900 yen
・ Bracken-starch Dumplings 700 yen
・ Ice-cream 600 yen


[Alcoholic beverages]
・ Asahi Extra Cold 750 yen
・ Glass of wine (red / white) 800 yen

※All Rates are tax fee.

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