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Guests may choose the type of room that fits their preferences, from Japanese-style washitsu rooms rich with the traditional beauty and elegance of Japan to rooms that combine the best of both Japan and the West.

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Spend time enveloped by the pleasantness of trees that reflect Japan’s four seasons in a Japanese garden just outside your windows. The rooms here feature decor that changes with the season: in summer, summer tatami mats and reed-blinds; in winter, winter tatami mats and yukimi shoji screens for viewing the snow. Wherever one looks, one’s eyes are met with elegance and highly formal surroundings. First-floor rooms are furnished with natural outdoor baths from which one can enjoy the night sky to oneself.


Yugao Suite, 1st floor

Aoi Suite, 1st floor

Aoi Suite, 1st floor, as seen from outside

Outdoor bath

Japanese garden

There are five rooms in total: Aoi Suite and Yugao Suite on the first floor, and Takegawa Suite, Kobai Suite, and Kashiwagi Suite on the second floor. We have endeavored to create a luxurious Japanese atmosphere through such details as furniture that features traditional craftsmanship, a wood-scented pine bath, a tea room, and a Japanese garden.


Rinsenkaku offers elegant and relaxing Japanese-style washitsu rooms and wood-scented umbrella-pine baths, and all suites have balconies that overlook the Hida River and Gero onsen town. These refined spaces are alive with Japanese style throughout, and possess innately the traditional beauty of Japan.

Japanese-style room, 63 m2 (example)

Japanese-style room, 83 m2 (example)

Indoor bath

Room with open-air bath

Japanese-Western room

Wago Suite

Our basic rooms include 63-m2 and 83-m2 Japanese-style rooms, six Japanese-Western rooms, four rooms with open-air baths on the balcony, and two VIP rooms only on the uppermost floor: Hourai Suite and Wago Suite.


Relaxing spaces that combine the benefits of Japan and the West.

Japanese-style room (example)

Japanese-Western room (example)

Japanese-Western room, 7th floor (example)

Japanese-Western room, 7th floor (example)

Special room (example)

Single Western-style room (example)

Hisenkaku offers Japanese-style rooms with nine-tatami room and living room; Japanese-Western rooms (some wheelchair accessible) with twin beds and six-tatami rooms; special rooms for rest and relaxation; and single (Western-style) rooms that are ideal for individual travellers and businesspeople.


Comfort and relaxation are provided through old-fashioned warmth instilled by furniture and wall paintings that convey a sense of the traditional.

Japanese-style room (example)

Japanese-Western room (example)

Twin bedroom (example)

Special room (room 108)

Sansuikaku offers Japanese-style rooms eight-to-ten tatamis in size, Japanese-Western rooms, and twin bedrooms, as well as luxurious special rooms that have spacious indoor onsen baths.

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